Findsi API documentation
Findsi is currently still in beta. As a result the API documentation is subject to change.

Tooling & SDK’s


Using a tool like Postman will help you to quickly get a feel of the API. To help you get up to speed, a predefined Postman collection is made available here. This collection contains examples of all possible requests. Postman will let you inspect both the request and the response.

A prerequisite for running requests from the collection is that you first create a so called Environment with the following settings:

  • url :
  • apikey : Your own API key


The following is a list of all the known SDK’s we are aware of that will simplify connecting to the FIndsi API.

FindsiClient.NET - Github or Nuget
A .NET client that simplifies developing applications that log to and consume data from the Findsi API

As adoption grows, and Findsi is integrated into more applications, more SDK’s will be added. If you created one yourself and would like us to add it to this page, or if you would like to request one for a specific technology stack, please contact us.

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